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Be a light in the dark for refugees and help bring a sense of normality and humanity back to their world


PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND brings pop-up cinema and play time to refugees in Calais, Birmingham, Dunkirk and Beyond. With little to do and tensions high, refugees are desperate for respite care and community building activities to take part in.

Every trip we make, the PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND volunteers are always met with open arms, great smiles and asked to return again as soon as possible... which costs money. Funds permitting, we head to France and Birmingham as often as we can and, as such, our fundraising efforts are ongoing.

We are generously supported by The Lexi Cinema in London and roaming pop-up cinema The Nomad with technical equipment.


PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND, in conjunction with Care 4 Calais, Acted, Save The Children and Citizen's UK, built a large football pitch in The Jungle! The pitch was officially launched in April 2016 with the help of celebrity influencers David Morrissey and Ralf Little. From that day forwards, 'Football Fridays' were established in the camp: an awesome day of sporting activities for children and adults of all sexes and ages, every Friday of the week.

In light of this success, we are now rolling out the model to youth clubs in Birmingham, who are welcoming and working with newly arrived refugee boys into their community.


As well as providing respite care through sports and entertainment, PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND delivers vital aid to refugee communities. By talking to the people themselves and coordinating with the long-term volunteers, we pride ourselves on knowing exactly which items are needed, at what time and where, and making sure that these get to the people who need them most.

If you want to provide essentials like clothes and shoes for the refugees, plus a few luxuries to help make their lives a little more bearable, then please support our aid work here. As we say, at PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND, the word 'aid' stands for Always In Demand!


The Meena Centre is a community interest company set up to carry on work started in Calais, where the founder supported refugees at the Women and Children's centre. This newly developed project in Birmingham will offer a safe space for all and enable refugees to access emotional and psychological support, healing, legal help and information. There will be a keen focused on integration and assimilation into British society, for these newly arrived individuals.

We at PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND have been long term believers in the ideas underpinning The Meena Centre and so we have set ourselves a target of £10,000 to help get the project up and running. The funds raised will go towards providing technical and decorative equipment for the centre: everything from toys to televisions, wall paint to children's play-pens, chairs to chai tea. We are hopeful and optimistic that our outstanding supporters will help contribute towards this project, so that it can do the amazing things which our society so desperately needs it to do.

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Introduce yourself here! Whether you would like to come to a camp, build cinemas in Birmingham, sort through deliveries or be in charge of collecting toiletries for refugees, we can always use a helping hand.

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