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PLAY 4 CALAIS is an apolitical grassroots initiative that was founded in December 2015 to bring pop-up cinema, safe play, sports & vital aid to the 10,000 refugees living in the Calais camp, dubbed 'The Jungle'.

With a particular focus on helping the 1000+ women and 1000+ children there, PLAY 4 CALAIS served as a 'light in the dark' for these vulnerable people during exceptionally difficult times. With little to do and tensions high, refugees were desperate for respite care and community building activities to take part in. A few brief hours of escapism through cinema or therapy through art and sports helped people to take their minds of the pain and trauma they've already experienced and often continue experiencing.

It is in this spirit that PLAY 4 CALAIS has succeeded and evolved to become PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND, as we continue our outreach work in Birmingham, Dunkirk and Beyond.

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Introduce yourself here! Whether you would like to come to a camp, build cinemas in Birmingham, sort through deliveries or be in charge of collecting toiletries for refugees, we can always use a helping hand.

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Who We Are


Alix Wilton Regan

Alix Wilton Regan

Founder and Director

Founder and Director of PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND, Alix is an actress and voiceover artist from London with a passion for human rights and a fierce belief that play, acting, the arts and the escapism of cinema can help heal even the most traumatic of lives.

In December 2015 she decided to put this theory into practice and founded PLAY 4 CALAIS, bringing pop-up cinema and Christmas presents to the children, teens and adults living in the camp. Over time their remit has expanded and now, and although appalling at sports herself, Alix is thrilled that PLAY 4 CALAIS helped build a football pitch and playing field for the residents of the camp to enjoy.

With the camp now closed, PLAY 4 CALAIS expanded to become PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND so that the team could continue their work beyond the confines of Calais and, as such, they are now actively working in London, Birmingham, Devon and Beyond.

Sammy Patterson

Sammy Patterson


Director of PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND, Sammy has been working to build relationships within the camp to identify needs and connect them with action through fun stuff! After seeing the football initiative off the ground she is now focusing on developing a community space in Birmingham for the unaccompanied minors, linking in aid and support networks in the area. If you are in the Birmingham area and want to help, please get in touch via our Contact Page.

Sammy also runs the cinema and screening services for Pinewood Studios and is the founder of Project Trident - a group of film makers whose mission is to make great low budget films with fun in their hearts.

Tommy Ellis

Tommy Ellis

Director of Sport

Born and raised in the south west, Tommy now spends most of his time in London, where he works in TV, radio, video production, journalism and the garden. He's a big football fan and believes it has the power to unite, empower and transform both individuals and communities.

Through his involvement in football projects in London and his work in sports journalism, Tommy has been inspired to explore new ways in which the global game can be used as a force for good and for change. He's been working with PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND to help set-up the Football Fridays project which provides an opportunity for people from different walks of life to come together cut and partake in a shared passion.